12 November 2022— 8 January 2023

Nunzio meets Perugino

The ‘Ranieri Annunciation’ inspired a contemporary work by one of the greatest living Italian artists, Nunzio. The artist, encouraged by the art collector Giuseppe Cascetta, worked intensively on Perugino’s painting, deeply thinking about its meaning and its formal and spiritual values in a metatemporal dialogue. The result is two sculptures in burnt wood that translate, through a contemporary language, the eternal relationship that in art binds the masters of the past to living artists.

The exhibition, organised by the National Gallery of Umbria with the participation of Sviluppumbria, is an opportunity to turn a spotlight on Perugino’s work and on Umbria, anticipating the international exhibition ‘The Best Master of Italy. Perugino in his time”, curated by Marco Pierini and Veruska Picchiarelli, currently being prepared for the fifth centennial of the painter’s death.

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