We are one of the thirty most important museums in Italy, and you will understand why once you’ve visited our galleries.

At the GNU you will find some of the most precious treasures of Italian art, as well as an accessible cultural space where art intersects with the exploration of the main themes of contemporary society.

Experience the GNU

To experience the GNU is to witness the impact of Perugia and Umbria on Italian history.

They say we are one of the thirty most important museums in Italy and by visiting our collection you will understand why: here, you will hear the voice of mediaeval and Renaissance art as you have never heard it before. Cherish it as an essential part of getting to know Italy’s artistic heritage and then deepen the conversation, in a dialogue that touches the chords of the present.

At the GNU you will not only find some of the most precious treasures of Italian art, but also an accessible cultural space where beauty intersects with the exploration of the main themes of contemporary society. Here, the cultural antenna of the region and an artistic pole of international relevance vibrate at the same time. It hosts new languages, dialogues and formats to create unique events and spaces designed especially for you.

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A museum like few others

The Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria is Italy’s only state museum housed in the city’s town hall. But this is not the only reason why it is considered one of Umbria’s most precious gems.

The vibrancy of the temporary exhibitions, the unique takes of its activities and events, and the deep connection within the fabric of life in Perugia make the GNU one of the most original cultural centres in the country.

Since 2016, more than 20 temporary exhibitions and over 300 events have taken place here, attracting tens of thousands of people.

Do you want to be a part of this, too? Find out about upcoming events and activities on the calendar.

For an accessible visit

Audio guides and Wi-Fi

Discover the museum through in-depth audio content in Italian and English: hire an audio guide and let the voices of renowned experts guide you through the History of Mediaeval and Renaissance Italian Art.

In the museum rooms you will also find free Wi-Fi and various QR codes to scan with your mobile phone: read the extra content we designed for you at your own pace.

Wheelchair access

Anyone with a mobility impairment or walking difficulties will be able to visit the GNU with ease.

The lift at the entrance and exit allows you to move effortlessly between the ground floor and the upper floors of the Palazzo dei Priori.

The elevators, on the other hand, help you move easily from one room to another in the exhibition route.

If you need a wheelchair, you can rent one free of charge at the museum entrance.

LIS translations

If you are visiting the GNU with a group, you can request a guided tour with simultaneous translation into Italian Sign Language (LIS).

For information and requests you can write to us at this address:

Accessible artwork descriptions

The right to enjoy art and culture is universal: the National Gallery of Umbria wants to acknowledge this right for everyone, including those who prefer to explore the collection online, through our website.

This is why the digitised works in the collection contain an accessible description. It is designed for all those who want to approach the works in an accessible and clear language and for those who cannot see the details of our masterpieces.

Visiting with children

Baby Pit Stop

Everyone is welcome at the GNU, regardless of age group.

If you want to visit us with your children, you will find a space in the Gallery designed especially for you.

The Baby Pit Stop is an area dedicated to breastfeeding and childcare: here you can sit in peace and find the privacy you need to breastfeed, change nappies and take care of your little explorers in tow.

For book lovers


The GNU bookshop is located on the ground floor, in the same building as the ticket office.

It specialises in publications on both Umbrian and national art history.

On its shelves you will also find the Gallery guide, postcards and Umbrian handicrafts inspired by the museum’s works.

Infoline: 199 151123

Library and Historical Archive

The Library houses a collection of about 26,000 volumes: most of them are dedicated to art in all its forms and to the technical-scientific aspects of conservation, restoration and heritage protection.

There is also a section specialising in dictionaries, manuals, repertories and encyclopaedias, and a valuable area dedicated to periodicals.

The Historical Archive consists of two funds:

  • the administrative files of the Regia Soprintendenza all’Arte Medioevale e Moderna di Perugia;
  • the documentary material on the acquisition and management of the museum collection (AGCM).

Both have already been digitised and will soon be available online.

All the info on the Library and Historical Archive.

For schools

School visits and educational workshops

Are you leading a group of schoolchildren? Organise a free visit to the GNU and make it more interesting with our initiatives for schools.

Our thematic tours and educational workshops are a time of growth that children welcome with joy. The GNU helps cultivate their artistic expression and love for all art forms.

Booking is compulsory, go to the Sistema Museo Educational Services page.

Infoline: 199 151123

Discover all our services for schools.